Company Profile

Checkmate Cash Management Services Pvt. Ltd. is the Banking Service business vertical of the Checkmate Group, a growth-centric conglomerate engaged in providing secure & reliable services across various sectors.

Processes driven for accuracy & efficiency, operations spanning more than two decades have earned the customers confidence in this sensitive operations. Regular review to further increase efficiency and output by adopting best global practices is a regular activity in Checkmate group.

Our holistic approach to currency management, ATM operations & cash processing services is instrumental in achieving true cost savings, operational efficiency, and transparency.

Our Business
Managed Services for Currency and Bullion Movement
  • Highly secure currency transport centres 
  • Best In Class ‘Vaults’ in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Mohali,Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Cochin and Guwahati (More Proposed)
  • Over 150 CIT vehicles and 125 Cash Pick up vehicles 
  • Real time vehicle tracking and monitoring
  • Collection and delivery supported by the latest security technology.
  • Working for major financial institutions and merchant establishments
  • Presence in 24 states, operate 60 offices and employ more than 1000 people

Our Policies and procedures - Our Process exceeds industry standards, ensuring consistent reliability.

Visibility and "Anytime Reporting" - remote access management, immediate view of cash flow and detail reports for accountability audits

Track flow of cash to the transaction level

  • Transportation & Collection process
  • Reconciliation
  • Delivery
  • Reporting & Remittance
  • Seamless and efficient - Funds are reconciled and remitted in line with    
  • agreed timelines

Our Services

Cash in Transit
We have a motivated crew of 4000 trained guards, including gunmen for secure movement of cash & valuables. These are selected and screened and duly verified by police are deployed at random on vans on daily basis.

All movements and covered with insurance and an in place business continuity plan to cater for eventualities.

Our Currency managed services include picking up cash from branches – both Intra and Inter city movements and from the central bank.

Currency Processing Centers
We operate currency processing machines for banks and also store currency overnight for banks in our highly secured vaults.

Our currency processing centers operate as an extension of Currency chests. Here we also carry out operations for ATMs ,processing, CIT, guarding and housekeeping.

We process cash at our hi-tech, state-of-the-art processing facilities, to meet the Central Bank’s clean note policy. Issuable cash is then delivered to branches for payments and ATM fit cash is provided for ATM replenishments. Non-issuable currency is returned to the Central Bank.

ATM Replenishment Services
Our skillful ATM managed services include meeting infrastructure requirements for the bank, Cash replenishment in ATMs’, First line maintenance, Monitoring optimum cash limits to prevent cash outs, Managing ATM for least downtime, Second line maintenance, Housekeeping and Guarding /caretaker services.

Cash Pick Up Services
We specialize in secure cash and cheque delivery and pick up from customers through our Doorstep Banking facility.

Bullion Movement
Our proficient services include secure movement of inter and intra city cash, valueables and gold coins. Checkmate is a trusted name in domestic and international movement and vaulting of Gold bullion, silver and diamonds. Moreover, safe movement of coins from mint is also undertaken by us.